Generation Business Line


The operation of this business line is based on four Divisions: the Ostrołęka Power Plant, Hydro, Wind and Other (including cogeneration – CHP). At the end of 2018, the total installed generation capacity of the Group’s power plants was approximately 1.3 GW. The Lead Entity in the Business Line is Energa Wytwarzanie SA.

Power Divisions in the Generation Business Line

Ostrołęka Power Plant
Others (incl. cogeneration – CHP)

Location of the Group’s operations and key assets


Electricity was produced in power plants based on sources such as: hard coal, water, wind, biomass and photovoltaic.

1.3 GW

Total installed generating capacity

0.5 GW

Including - in renewable energy sources

3.9 TWh

Gross electricity generated in 2018

1.2 TWh

Including - from renewable energy sources

The Energa Group owes its leading position in terms of the percentage of renewable electricity in the total energy mix primarily to the generation of energy in hydro- and wind power plants. Green energy is produced by 46 hydro power plants, 5 wind farms and biomass-fired installations (in Energa Kogeneracja) as well as two photovoltaic installations.
As at the end of 2018, the Group had 0.5 GW of renewable capacity, with a gross production of electricity totalling 1.2 GWh throughout 2018.

In 2018, the Group generated 3.9 TWh of gross electricity.

In 2018, the Group generated 3.9 TWh of gross electricity.: