Corporate social responsibility of the Energa SA Group

One way to achieve the vision, mission and goals of the Energa Group and to create its value is by conducting business in line with the applicable law, being ethical, transparent and open to dialogue, balancing the needs of all stakeholders and environmental protection. In view of the above, the Group’s business objectives are supported by its sustainable development objectives set out in the Sustainable Development and Responsible Business Strategy of the Energa Group. These objectives include:

  • Responsible development of customer relations

  • Reducing the environmental footprint

  • Developing the distribution business

  • Caring for employees and their safety

  • Responsibility towards local communities

  • National responsibility

Responsible development of customer relations – building relationships based on fair practices, transparency and openness, and ensuring top-quality customer service.

Reducing the environmental footprint (while maintaining legal compliance and business competitiveness) through a continuous strive to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Developing the distribution business towards improved reliability and security of supply.

Caring for employees and their safety – working to reduce the number of accidents at work, offering a friendly and safe workplace, improving satisfaction and commitment.

Responsibility towards local communities – supporting communities considering their needs and building of community partnerships, as well as charitable activities.

National responsibility – contribution to the security of the Polish energy system and social development, support for strategic resources.

The Group informs on all corporate social responsibility activities in its CSR reports every year. The 2018 report was prepared according to the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines at the CORE level (considering the indicators included in the supplement for power sector entities). Starting from this year, reporting is done according to new guidelines, the GRI Standard.

The choice of key themes to be covered by the report is based on internal and external stakeholder dialogue and the requirements of the Accounting Act.

This year’s document entitled “Our Responsibility 2018” will span the entire calendar year 2018 and all Energa Group companies.

  • The Group also published, once again, its Environmental Statement, in line with the requirements of EMAS (the Eco Management and Audit Scheme), which shows the efforts made by the Group to reduce its environmental footprint, as corporate social responsibility at Energa Group is correlated with environ-mental protection, which is an important element of the Group’s strategy for 2016-2025.
  • Maintenance, upgrading and construction of new grid and production infrastructure, including that based on renewable energy, climate commitments, adjustment to BAT conclusions (resulting from the Indus-trial Emissions Directive) and amended regulations on water and waste management, the idea of circu-lar economy and diversification of supplies were the key tasks undertaken by the Group companies.
  • 2018 was extremely important for the organisation of the Group’s environmental and energy manage-ment system. The Group implemented a management system conforming to the updated EMAS regu-lation and ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management) and ISO 50001:2012 (energy management) standards. Meeting of the criteria of the aforesaid regulations was confirmed by an independent audit (July – September 2018), carried out by an international certification body. The companies and the Group were awarded certificates of conformity to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 (in this respect to the ex-clusion of Energa Operator SA). Meanwhile, the General Directorate for Environmental Protection is carrying out the next stage, which is the extension of the EMAS registration covering – aside from the core 9 companies – all other Group members (23 companies across 431 locations).
  • Obtaining and maintaining an ISO 50001 certificate not only ensures more efficient energy management and a focus on financial performance, but also helps businesses meet their legal obligations – carry out the corporate energy audits required by the Energy Efficiency Act of 20 May 2016.
  • For the fifth time, Energa SA was included in the RESPECT Index, which groups listed companies that are socially responsible and managed to the highest standards. Energa SA is also a part of the FTSE4Good Emerging Index. This index represents companies from more than twenty emerging econ-omies, which are selected based on compliance of their operations with environmental, CSR and cor-porate governance criteria.
  • In 2018, the Energa Group additionally continued its engagement in the Carbon Disclosure Project. The CDP is an international non-governmental organisation which seeks to demonstrate the environmental footprint of large organisations and to build a low-carbon economy. Since 2002, more than 6,000 com-panies have disclosed their environmental impact information through the CDP.

In line with the requirements of Article 49b of the Accounting Act (Journal of Laws of 1994, No. 121, item 591), non-financial information can be found in the CSR Report published on the Group’s website on 14 March 2019.