Management Board's Representation

The Management Board of Energa SA hereby informs and represents that:

  • (1) to the best of its knowledge, the annual consolidated financial statements and reference data have been prepared in accordance with the applicable accounting policies and that they give a true, fair and clear view of the Energa Group’s assets, financial standing and profit/loss. The Report of the Management Board on the operations of the Energa Group gives a true view of the Group’s development, achievements and condition, and includes a description of the key risks and threats;
  • (2) PMG Audyt spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp.k., the statutory audit firm which au-dited the consolidated financial statements of the Energa Group for the financial year ended 31 December 2018, was selected in accordance with the applicable regulations. The firm and the auditors who audited the aforesaid statements met the conditions for expressing an impartial and independent audit opinion in accordance with the applicable regulations and professional standards,
  • (3) the selection of the audit firm for the annual financial statements was compliant with legal pro-visions, including those on the selection and selection procedure of audit firms, and states that:
    • the firm and the members of the audit team met the conditions required to issue an impartial and independent auditor’s report on the annual financial statements, in accordance with the applicable provisions of law, professional standards and principles of professional ethics,
    • the Group complies with the applicable legal provisions governing the rotation of audit firms and lead auditors as well as with the mandatory cooling-off periods,
    • the issuer has a policy in place governing the selection of audit firms and a policy on the provision of non-audit services by audit firms, their related parties or members of their ser-vice networks to the issuer, including services conditionally exempted from the prohibition on provision by audit firms.

Signatures of Energa SA Management Board Members

Alicja Klimiuk

Acting President of the Energa SA Management Board

Jacek Kościelniak

Vice-President of the Energa SA Management Board for Finance

Grzegorz Ksepko

Vice-President of the Energa SA Management Board for Corporate Affairs

Jarosław Małkowski

Director of the Finance Department