YEAR 2018 in numbers

0 GWhRES production

As a result of the investments carried out in 2018, nearly 56 thousand new customers, 5,322 km of high, medium and low voltage lines were built and modernized and connected to the 59 MW network of new RES sources.

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Business segments


Letter from the CEO of ENERGA SA

The Energa Group closed 2018 with an EBITDA of nearly PLN 1.9 billion, a financial situation allowing for further investments and the title of RES leader among the main Polish energy companies. The reason for our satisfaction is that last year the Energa Group implemented the tasks included in the long-term development strategy on schedule, while building a basis for further projects.

The implementation of the optimal structure of the Energa Group has been completed, which has measurably translated into an increase in work efficiency and rationalisation of the manner in which financial resources are used. This was achieved, among others, by reducing the number of companies by half (from 44 to 22), implementing centralisation of the purchasing and IT processes or increasing the scope of tasks entrusted to the Group's employees, thus limiting the work of external subcontractors.

acting President of the Management Board
Alicja Barbara Klimiuk
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Development directions

We implement the objectives of shareholders, customers, employees and the environment in a sustainable manner, based on reliable and modern infrastructure as well as tailor-made offer and service, respecting the environment and in accordance with the principles of social responsibility.

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In order to build innovation and competitive advantage, the ENERGA SA Group adopted the Strategic Research Agenda for 2018-2028 in 2018. The Strategic Research Agenda is a road map document that precisely defines the directions of research, development and innovation in the Group Energa.

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In order to strengthen the position of the Energa Group as an innovative customer-oriented energy group, the Strategy adopts two areas of business development and value creation, i.e. Infrastructure and Customer, under which the goals and strategic programs of the Energa Group have been set.

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