Energa vs. the industry

The Energa SA Group is one of the four largest vertically integrated energy groups operating in Poland. The companies are separated geographically, in terms of the areas on which they conduct their electricity distribution activity. Energa’s distribution area covers northern and central Poland.

Distribution area of the main power-generating companies

Distribution area of the main power-generating companies

In the Distribution Segment, the Energa Group ranks third after the PGE Group and the Tauron Group in terms of the volume of electricity supplied, network length and number of customers. Owing to intensive upgrading ef-forts, the Energa Group’s network quality indicators are among the best in Poland. Within the largest energy groups, better SAIDI and SAIFI performance is recorded by Tauron, which is a consequence of a higher customer density in the south-eastern part of the country.

Compared to the other groups, the Energa Group has a low share in conventional generation. The company has a single baseload unit with a generating capacity of 690 MWe (the Ostrołęka B Power Plant). This is significantly less than what the other groups have, with the PGE Group boasting the highest generating capacity. The situation in the renewable energy are is quite different. In terms of renewable energy production, the Energa Group is more or less at the same level as the other energy groups.

Comparison of SAIDI for the Energa Group and the other energy groups (data from Q1 to Q3 2018)